Working on a variety of projects, Sophie has featured in a number of dance films, TV interviews and events.


Official Trailer for COLUMBINUS

Currenlty playing at Teatrul Municipal Baia Mare, the production was created in January - February 2016. 

Directed by Horia Suru

Choreography: Sophie Duncan

Sceneography: Cristian Marin

Trailer: Liviu Popovici

Music: 'Creep' cover by Postmoden Dukebox ft. Heyley Reinhart, orginal song by Radiohead.


See 'News' for all the info about the event, before and after. LODDO was a tremendous success, generating over 34,000HKD for our chanson charity, the Samaritans Hong Kong.

Most resent trailer for LODDO . September 2015

More resent footage of preliminary showings of work, rehearsals, inducing live music and music from the show in the background. 

Performed by LODDO artsis

Footage: Janusz Ciechowski and Godfrey Adams

Edit:  Janusz Ciechowski

Music: Queen 'Bohemian Rhapsody', played live by David Lebel on Ukulele and Highly Suspect 'Lydia'


Initial Trailer for artistic evening. August 2015

A montage of rehearsal footage taken throughout the creation of LODDO for promotion of the show.

Performers from The House Of Dancing Water

Edit: Sophie Duncan

Music: Fun 'Some Nights Intro"

Macau Closer Report: HERE



Dance Improvisation. February  2014

Filmed in Coloane Village, the piece features dance improvisation in an old (and very dirty) boat yard. 


Dancer: Sophie Duncan.

Filmed / Edited: Thomas Hubener

Music: Alt-J,  'Tesselate'



Contemporary Dance Film. May 2014

Short studio film featuring dancers working within The Franco Dragone Entertainment Group. 


Choreography: Fanny C

Dancers: Sophie Duncan, Charlotte Sumian, Ksenia Dykina, Sacha Storto, Gian Luca Loddo, Carlos Calvo, Gian Maria Giuliattini, Vincenzo Battista.

Film/Edit: Thomas Hubener

Music: Alt-J, 'Fitzpleasure'

dancing for doggies


Flashmob for local Macau Charity. March 2014

Dancing for doggies was a flashmob created for ANIMA, a great local Macanese charity dealing with the large issue of stray and abandoned cats and dogs (and occasionally other strange animals!) in the area. Taking a number of artists and crew from The House Of Dancing Water and Taboo, and a small number of local school children, we performed the mob in the large Central Square in the middle of town. 


Choreographed: Sophie Duncan

Film: Thomas Hubener, Brandon Livanos and Godfrey Adams

Edit: Thomas Hubener

Newspaper Report: CLICK HERE



TV Broadcast. September 2011

TV interview reporting on the progress of Domnului Profesor Cu Dragoste, for local Braila TV station in Romanian. Featuring rehearsal footage at Teatru Maria Filotti and interview from Director Horia Suru and Choreographer, Sophie Duncan.


Interviewer: Mihaela Dan

Footage: Nicu Stupariu