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Since diversifying into pole in 2017, Sophie competes, performs and teaches pole dance, pole flow and choreography around the world. She holds 4 titles: Pole Theatre UK Professional Drama Winner, Pole Theatre Hong Kong - Semi Pro Drama Winner, UKPPC Professional Winner and Pole Idol Hong Kong Best Choreography, Drama Winner and Overall Champion. In 2019, she developed ‘The Foundry’ with pole artist Lisa Hammond. A new combined dance and pole dance training program.


‘Last Breath’

Pole Theatre UK 2019 | Professonal Drama

The Forum, Hertfordshire University, UK

Performed and created by Sophie Duncan

Inspired by true events featuring Sophie's Godfather, Duncan Allcock who, along with his amazing colleagues, were featured in the film, Last Breath, which premiered at The Glasgow Film Festival in April 2019.

Music: from 'Last Breath' (Orginal Motion Picture Soundtrack) by Paul Leonard Morgan Film: Images taken from 'Last Breath' (Orginal motion Picture) by Floating Harbour Films, Met Films, Dog Woof .

Past Performances

‘The TrAveller’

Pole Theatre Hong Kong 2019 | Semi Pro Drama

Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts, HK

The story of a traveller, escaping a war torn life, she arrives at a meeting point to discover a note. The note explains that she will have to take this journey alone…


‘Love Is Blindness’

UK Professional Pole Championships 2018 | Professional

Telford International Centre, UK

This solo, performed to Jack White, 'Love Is Blindness' is a dynamic piece, created for the UK Professional Pole Championships held in the Telford International Center.

‘rock’n’roll suicide’

Pole Idol Championships Hong Kong 2918 | Drama

Hong Kong Central Harbourfront, HK

The solo is not just an homage to the wonderful Marlyn Monroe, but in honour of all celebrity and people who find themselves lost behind a facade, and too often disappear from our lives in a whirlwind of tragedy.