short works

Short creations by Sophie Duncan, ranging from dance, physical theatre and acrobatic movement, including some collborations with artists such as John Ross and Fanny Coindet and Strays


Director / Choreographer : Sophie Duncan

Story: Adam McCulloch, Sophie Duncan

Filming: Nick Allott, Jack Bowring

Editor: Max Arsenult

Original Music: Strays (Adam McCulloch, Ryan Fletcher, Nick Allott)

Location: Chesterfield UK: The Barrowhill Roundhouse and The Chesterfield Canal

Filmed: July 2017

S L E E P E R is a multi disciplinary film set in heart of the Midlands. Featuring 16 young dancers, 2 award winning pole dancers and original music by Strays, the film shapes a dark, obscure alternative to the industrial past of Chesterfield. Filmed at The Barrowhill Roundhouse and Chesterfield Canal, this is the first collaboration by Sophie, Musical Director Adam McCulloch and film maker Nick Allott.

Pole Artists: Lorna Walker, Lisa Hammond

Dancers: Sophie Duncan, Kerry - Anne Woodhead, Ellie Rose Walker, Ashton Harkness, Aimee Dakin, Melissa Middleton, Jasmin Fox, Jasmine Blackwell, Abbie Linacre, Sophie Badderley, Ben Featherstone, Molly Baldwin, Declan Stanhope, Jacob Smith, Milly Schleifer, Libby McGarry, Georgia Ellis


Direction, Choreography, Dancer: Sophie Duncan (UK)

Handbalancer: Sascha Bachmann (Germany)

Filming and Edit: Jessone Morillon Sanz(Andorra)

Original Music: Adam McCulloch (UK)

Music Edit: Nick Allott (UK)

Location: Andorra la Vella, Andorra

Filmed: July, 2016

Great euro collaboration: Dance and Handbalance duet featuring Sasha Bachmann a.k.a 'The Germinator', and Dance / Choreographer Sophie D. Created during our off time with Cirque du Soleil on 'Scalada Vision' in the beautiful Andorra la Vella, Andorra. Original track by the wonderful Adam McCulloch, and Nick Allott, and edited and filmed by the lovely Jessone Morillon Sanz and Alca Films.  ENJOY! And share if you like it!


Direction: Sophie Duncan

Created By: Sophie Duncan, Fanny Coindet, Lowri Thomas

Performed by: Fanny Coindet, Lowri Thomas

Filming: Janusz Ciechowski, Godfrey Adams

Edit: Fanny Coindet



Performed as part of LODDO, this short piece is a simple but quirky investigation of contortion and movement. Enjoy!

Performed: September 2nd, 2015


Choreographers: Sophie Duncan and John Ross

Originally created by John Ross, adapted by Sophie Duncan

Performed by: Jae Eun Park, Katie Barring-Gould, Noelle Croner, Sophie Duncan, Neil Sweeney, Ruben Sletchen, Chris McGreevy and Jack Cameron Atherton.

Filming: Janusz Ciechowski, Godfrey Adams

Edit: Sophie Duncan



Performed as part of LODDO, 'Occupied' was originally created by John Ross whilst training at London Contemporary Dance School, which he then developed into his full length work 'Wolfpack'. The piece is about the bathroom antics in a nightclub on a big night out, all the banter, the comradery, the loutishness.... The orginal piece only featured men, but for this performance, Sophie collaborated with John to add the women's movement to make this final performance.

Performed: September 2nd, 2015

And We Breathe Again - COMING SOON

Choreographer: Sophie Duncan, with movement taken from Gian Luca Loddo.

Acrobatic Adviser: Jack Cameron Atherton

Performed by:  Sophie Brundish, Helena Merten, Aaron Randals, Ruben Sletchen, Chris McGreevey, Trisia Woo, Lowri Thomas, Brian White, Jack Cameron Atherton and Johnny Kim.

Music: Alt J, 'Arrival in Nara'

Filming: Janusz Ciechowski, Godfrey Adams

Edit: Sophie Duncan

This handstand / dance piece was based around movement created by the late Gian Luca Loddo, who the LODDO event was in memory of. His original movement is perfomed by Johnny Kim, which unison performed by acrobats from The House Of Dancing Water. 

Performed: September 2nd, 2015


Choreographer: Sophie Duncan

Performed by:  Sophie Duncan

Music: Alt J, 'Tesselate'

Filming: Thomas Hubener

Edit: Thomas Hubener

A short improvised dance film at the boat yards of Coloane Village, Macau, China.

Performed: February 2014